3AAA/富樺明 Ballast 電子火牛

3AAA electronics – provides the high performance AC Electronic Ballast for fluorescent lamps and energy saving lighting systems. The Technology of the forth generation of 3AAA brand passive electronic ballast is patented with exclusive intellectual property and approved by EMC test with CCC, CE certificate in the first wave in the industry of electronic ballast.

Fulham Lighting – long known as a supplier of fine electronic ballasts, Fulham has emerged as global supplier of new technologies including LED drivers, LED Modules, LED Engines, LED and Fluorescent Emergency / Stand-By Power Lighting Solutions, Exit and Emergency Lighting, Electronic HID and Induction Lighting Systems.Aq0TzHL1imsZ3osaX-0yeEfl1tJKwvWg0AIJGLG0U2Ix